How to Become a “Fantasy Millionaire”

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Every day people stop me on the Twitter streets and say, “Scott! What does it take to become a Fantasy Millionaire?” And I’ll tell you the same thing I told them, there’s a little “Fantasy Millionaire” that lives inside of us all. Let me show you. Walk with me. I like to think that this is the enteral question we were all put on earth to wrestle with as humans. The essence of being a Fantasy Millionaire lies in finding the mercurial balance of unbridled and unabashed indulgence in the fantasy millionaire lifestyle. One does not simply become a “Fantasy Millionaire.” It is much more complicated than that. It’s more like a “Fantasy Millionaire” becomes you. Ever been on a boat? You’ll love it! Which one comes first you ask, the “Fantasy” or the “Millionaire?” Another great question. Sip on this Champagne. It’s good, right! OK, so it’s not really “Champagne” but you can’t tell the difference. You wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told you. And that’s really the whole point of it all. If you can’t tell the difference, then I’m not gonna tell you. That’s really at the heart of the “Fantasy Millionaires.”
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I’ve got someone special I’d like you to meet. Let me introduce you to my fellow “Fantasy Millionaire” and partner, Mike “Cash” Collins.

Nice to meet you. Welcome to the world of “The Fantasy Millionaires.” Champagne. Scott’s treating you well I see. My boat is your boat. Anything you want, don’t be afraid to ask. We have just one rule on the boat. No Minnesota Vikings allowed. It’s an insurance thing.

Scott tells me you are here for our secret to success. Indulge me in a quick juxtaposition of mindsets. We’ve all stumbled over the phrase “fake it, till you make it” at some point in our lives. The idea is to pretend to be someone you are not until you establish yourself as someone who is. Get a little experience before you can be successful. Do what they say. Follow the rules and pretend to know what you are doing before you really have a clue. Sure, on the surface the thinking makes sense. But not to a Fantasy Millionaire. Why fake anything? The essence of living out a fantasy is to be 100% all-in. That’s the whole point of living out a fantasy. You can’t fake something that you are fantasizing about. Instead, I live by the motto, “Ball it, till you haul it.” A totally different perspective on life that directs your effort towards accomplishing goals through being true to yourself instead of “faking it” until you’ve made something….well fake.

I love what I am hearing Cash. You know your boy Stacks is a fan of “Balling it.” How does one “Ball it” off the break though? What about our smaller ballers who are just starting to ball out?

Simple. Be true to yourself and magnify what matters most to you in your content. Be honest about who you are and the gifts that you possess. There is only one you in this world. Believe in yourself in order to maximize yourself. And absolutely don’t “fake it, till you make it.” We all see that you are fake and don’t want you to make it. Can I offer you any lobster? Fresh caught this morning.

Cash is King! Well said, brother! That reminds me of another secret to our success. The Fantasy Millionaires always, always, always, “Go heavy bone with it.” We don’t do anything less than 100%. You can’t become successful in the Fantasy Millionaire game by slacking, whacking, or jaw-jacking, your ass has got to produce. Content’s the name of the game and The Fantasy Millionaires are always playing. From weekly podcasts to articles to our website, The World Wide Sports Radio App, and Twitter, the Fantasy Millionaires are always live. Make sure to follow me, Scott “Stacks” Simpson (@NimblewNumbers) and Mike “Cash” Collins (@theralphmacho) on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel “The Fantasy Millionaires” and check out our content on The Fantasy Millionaires website

This has been an absolute pleasure, but unfortunately, we’re late for our weekly trip to Ibiza and have to scoot. We look forward to doing it again. As a matter of fact, how about we have you back on the boat again next week. Real Champagne this time you know do it up real classy. We can answer any more questions that you have about how to successfully navigate the waters of becoming a Fantasy Millionaire. 

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