How About Them TarHeels, Not all that it seems!!!

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The University of North Carolina Men’s basketball team has gotten off to the best possible start possible sitting 4-0 and 1-0 in ACC play against a gritty Notre Dame team. Sitting at 4-0 might look good in the standings and the ranking may be in the top 10 ( sitting at #5) but this team has plenty of flaws they need to figure out before the ACC gauntlet comes in January and tough non-conference opponents in Ohio State at Chapel Hill and Gonzaga in Spokane.

There are certain flaws that will hurt this team come ACC schedule and come March. One of the two main flaws in this Carolina team is free throw shooting.. The TarHeels as a team are shooting a modest 60.2% from the charity stripe which is the worst Roy Williams have had.. Yes, they are only 4 games in but this young and in-experienced Tarheel team will have to be better if they want to be considered one the best in the ACC and the country..

The second flaw this Tarheel team has is 3-pt shooting.. This is the worst 3pt shooting team Roy Williams has ever had in his tenure at Carolina. Yes, Carolina is known for dominating bigs and dominating the glass but they were always somewhat capable of shooting the 3, this team is showing early signs of struggle on the offensive end and 3pt shooting.. 3 for 19 and 6-18 the last 2 games won’t cut it for this young Tarheel squad

All in all this squad is young and is only 4 games in.. Plenty of room for improvement and if I was a betting man Roy Williams will get this team to play better and execute better on the offensive end doing what’s needed to succeed. But one thing I do know, this will be one fun Carolina season!!

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