Hosted An NFL Draft Party With KD Sports Promotions And 2X Super Bowl Champion Ottis Anderson Live At The Rivs Toms River Hub

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Thursday April 25th is like a national holiday in football as the NFL Draft is a big event for everyone when it comes to seeing all the college kids get drafted. Best part is their families reactions after knowing that they made it happen and reached the goal. A lot of people come together to have draft parties, come up with mock drafts and watching their teams make future or franchise changing moves. Headlines coming into this draft were the wide receivers, quarterbacks, Giants with 6th pick and Jets having 10th pick. They had a record 23 offensive players taken in the first round which is unbelievable.

I had an opportunity to host a NFL Draft Party with our friends Heather Leigh and Lorraine Schutt from KD Sports Promotions. Along with special guest 2X Super Bowl Champion Ottis Anderson from the New York Giants live from Riv’s Toms River Hub which is owned by Tony Rivoli. Anderson was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1979 NFL Draft in round 1 and pick number 8. Ottis Anderson got settled in the back room of Riv’s and we did a 6 minute segment talking about his draft experience, playing for the Giants after Cardinals and what New York needed to do to make their team better.

A huge shout-out goes to our friend Lorraine Schutt from KD Sports Promotions for setting up this interview with Ottis Anderson live at the Riv’s Toms River Hub. Also thank you to my friend Erica Disney who took the video of my segment with Anderson. We had a fantastic turnout for this event that had Giants fans, Jets fans, Eagles fans and Cowboys fans. KD Sports Promotions did a great job of selling raffle tickets to all the people getting a chance to win cool items at their table. We did three raffle drawings during the NFL Draft Party as each winner had items to choose from like mini helmets, signed Ottis Anderson photos, unsigned jerseys or signed.

They had me on the mic 🎤 the whole night trying to hype up the crowd as Ottis Anderson was also on the Mic pumping them up. Whoever hasn’t been to the Riv’s Toms River Hub yet, please go now, it is awesome, amazing vibe, great food/drinks, all the staff people are nice and owner Tony Rivoli has built a community in Toms River over the years with his restaurant. He has done a lot of events in the past when it comes to athlete that play different sports and looking forward to more at the Riv’s Toms River Hub. Ottis Anderson enjoyed his experience, loved the food, signed autographs and interacted with all their fans.

I just want to say thank you to Riv’s Toms River Hub, owner Tony Rivoli, our friends Heather/Lorraine from KD Sports Promotions and 2X Super Bowl Champion Ottis Anderson for letting me host this event during the NFL Draft. It was a great experience that I will never forget as a Sports Journalist. Also everyone please check out the KD Sports Promotions website for more merchandise, items and upcoming events that we do. Here is the website for KD Sports Promotions as they have everything that people will be interested in. Also a big shout-out to our friend Larry who was the body guard for Ottis Anderson as he did a awesome job helping out taking pictures for the people and making sure everyone had what they needed.

Here is the interview with 2X Super Bowl Champion Ottis Anderson.

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