Game Over For NXT?

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Big Changes Are Coming to one of WWE’s Hit Shows NXT. NXT Started way back in february of 2010. It’s been home to many of the greatest stars of the ring today including the first NXT Champion Seth Rollins, The Prince Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and The Women’s Evolution which gave Women a chance to prove themselves on equal level as the men when it comes to wrestling. NXT has showcased many great pay per views over the years including NXT Takeover San Antonito, NXT TakeOver New York, and NXT TakeOver WarGames. Now the Landscape of the black and gold brand as we know it may change due to the twelve released NXT Names. WWE wants to bring younger and larger talent and more releases are expected to be on the way and it has USA Network Officials worried and upset about the changes.The Sad reality of wrestling for WWE is that it is all about the money and product and how they can grow from it. Never about the level of hardworking talent who have worked years and years to get to this point in their professional wrestling careers. It is why we are seeing these releases so much in 2021. Wrestling fans could be seeing the end of what was once known as a place to make a name for upcoming wrestlers and bringing in talent from all over the world. That is what made these Takeovers and NXT shows Big for what it was. Vince McMahon may have put the final nail in the coffin of NXT and with the changes comes a new logo, new production, new stage and the scary thought of a new commentary team. We at Off the Mat will keep you all updated as more information comes our way.
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