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As with the DPOY argument, it is about time there is a non-QB winning the award this year. In the preseason I wanted someone to break the dominance of the passers of the ball, and I thought it could’ve been Justin Jefferson. Unfortunately, he got injured, but the MVP should still go to a “receiver” of the ball. 

That player should be Christian McCaffery. The 27 year old Running Back is having s stellar season with the 49ers and is arguably their best player. The half-back has had his 17 game touchdown streak halted this season, but he already has 13 TD’s this season and looks unstoppable, as do the rest of his team.

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The MVP award has traditionally gone to QB’s over the years and you’d have to go back to 2012 when there was a non-QB winner, and that was a RB in the great Adrian Peterson.

Factually, the award will be handed to Lamar Jackson, Brock Purdy, or even Dak Prescott before they even consider other stars like McCaffery, Bland, or Lane Johnson purely based on position.

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To put that into perspective, it’s like having a PB&J sandwich and thanking the bread for the flavour. Purdy has been good, Jackson fine, and Dak okay, but McCaffery has been the most consistent player in the league. This might just be a pity article, another one swept under the rug, but it is high time the MVP actually goes to the Most Valuable Player. Happy Holidays!
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