Executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association Tony Clark Visits Trenton Thunder

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Tony Clark made an appearance at Trenton Thunder ballpark yesterday as they celebrated the 30th anniversary with a Tony Clark bobblehead night for their fans. Trenton had a pregame ceremony for Clark recognizing him for his time with the Thunder. Tony played on this team during 1994 inaugural season. Clark holds a special place and moment in Trenton Thunder history a he had a lot of great memories here. It was a fantastic ceremony for Tony Clark and he threw out the first pitch to manager Adonis Smith before the game.
Clark was the first player in history to hit a home run over the right field wall that landed in the mighty Delaware River. It’s remarkable that yesterday was their 30th anniversary already between Tony and Trenton Thunder. Tony Clark had his rep team with him the whole time yesterday as he did a couple interviews with Mike Warren in the broadcast booth, Kyle Franco from Trentontion and Dave Fenster. Tony Clark had a positive impact for the Trenton Thunder while having a big fan base throughout the years.

Tony Clark’s career was outstanding as he finished with 251 home runs, 824 runs batted in, 262 average and an all star during the 2001 season. Now he has done a fantastic job helping out with the MLB Players Association representing a lot of them as they continue growing this game. All the players love what Clark has brought to the MLBPA so far when it comes to getting their say with curtain topics. Shout-out to the Trenton Thunder for bringing him back to their stadium again to see the fans again and getting honored which he deserves.

Tony Clark Is A Staple For Baseball And Makes Sure The Players Get What They Need.

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