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(Mike McCarthy [left], Jerry Jones [right])
Twenty-Eight years. That is how long the Dallas Cowboys have not seen the promised land of a Super Bowl title and we can now officially say twenty-nine. I am a fan of the Cowboys for the better part of a decade and it is getting frustrating with the lack of success.

First, they had a QB with no protection, then they got protection but no targets, and finally, they got targets and lost the QB and are stuck with Dak Prescott. Let’s be real here, Dakota Prescott will never win a Super Bowl and will never be considered a great player and there lies the issue. 

(Failed Dallas QB Dakota Prescott)
“America’s team” should have the best of all positions and staff. Settling with Prescott has set us back at least five years because of the structure that will need to change. Every time the Cowboys do make it to the playoffs, they act like a deer in the headlights; scared and shocked.

First, a pass was given because of Covid, Micah Parsons was unwell but played anyway, next it was the penalty fiasco with Randy Gregory and Terrance Steele, then Mike McCarthy’s crap play-calling using Zeke as the center AND NOW it’s Dak Prescott with his best Jameis Winston impression.

Mike “play-caller” McCarthy is a huge problem. Has the ego of Don Shula and the talent of Rex Ryan. There is no reason he should be the head coach next year. There are rumors currently that no decision will be made until after Tuesday morning whether he stays or goes.

(The last Cowboys championship team including Michael Irving [far right])
Confirmed targets for replacing the failed HC are Mike Tomlin, Dan Quinn, Bill Belichick, and a wild card pick in Jim Harbaugh if/when Jerry Jones pulls the trigger.

Dallas have put themselves in a terrible position this offseason because of Prescott’s contract package and the no-trade clause. It still hurts to see that Dallas could have drafted Jordan Love and went against that decision to pay Dak a contract he was never worth.

If I was Jerry Jones, I’d take the hit on his contract, get McCarthy as far away from Dallas as possible, trade DeMarcus Lawrence, and fix it with Trey Lance, Mike Tomlin, and Aaron Donald. 

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