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(The Vince Lombardi trophy)
The NFL season is well and truly underway and with that being said, some teams have shown out, while some haven’t shown up. It may be early but some teams have taken up the mantle as “favourites” for the Super Bowl. Even though it is early, some of these early forms need to be announced as such and nothing more.

The Miami Dolphins who have annihilated the Denver Broncos putting up a massive 70 points look good, but getting through the first round may be their limit. Don’t get me wrong, players like Waddle, Tyreek Hill, and Raheem Mostert are good players, but could they do it against an actual team? No disrespect to Denver or LA Chargers, but if those teams had a defense they’d be half-decent.

The Philadelphia Eagles who missed their best chance at a Super Bowl last season won’t be in the showpiece this year. When it all comes down to it, the form of Jalen Hurts will cause the Eagles to be halted in their progression. There are a few teams who I believe are the ones to watch for the conference finals this year.


(Brock Purdy interacting with Christian McCaffery)
This is no surprise and if this is to someone, maybe they shouldn’t be watching the sport. The San Francisco 49ers missed the Super Bowl last year due to having not one, not two, but THREE QB injuries which had Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy being the main man and now looking like an experienced man for the job, only injuries can stop them. NFC Championships is the bare minimum for this season.


(Green Bay QB Jordan Love)
This one may shock the landscape of football and it’s the Green Bay Packers. Jordan Love, even though it is extremely early, is proving to be what Rodgers was when Farve left. They look like with him they can go toe-to-toe with nearly every team in the league and could make a huge playoff push.


(The Buffalo Bills Offensive Unit)
Yes, they lost to the Jets, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! DON’T CARE! The Buffalo Bills have gone from strength to strength after that embarrassment and now no team seems to be able to lay a glove on them. They have always been in these positions in the past with Josh Allen, but now this is the best chance to get one up on the Chiefs.


(Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes)
It is really weird but for the foreseeable future, the AFC will win every Super Bowl on offer. Kansas City is still in my book as the overwhelming favourite to go for another title. That doesn’t mean the rest of the AFC can’t put up a fight, but we are talking about the best QB in the league by a country mile let’s be real. The Chiefs will be seeing that Usher halftime show in person this year and maybe a Taylor Swift edition.

Honorable mentions to the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets. People who got drawn in must have seen this coming. One team has an overpaid, overrated QB who couldn’t complete a Math exam in Dak Prescott and the other has a 3rd choice being a starter. Now it is early, but if either team wants to live up to the early season hype, Matthew Stafford is right there!

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