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(The historic Reggae Girlz)
The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has once again made the headlines for the wrong reasons. After a successful and historic World Cup campaign, the JFF has neglected to pay over the winnings/earnings from that tournament to their players. The earnings for 135,000 Australian dollars (AUD) per player, has not been deposited to the players yet.

According to sources in the federation, Dennis Chung, the general secretary has made this situation more than it should have been and is on “the hot seat”. There was also talk of meetings being held without the Gen. Sec. present, even though he was at work. With the elections looming, his employment at the JFF could be under threat, regardless of who wins.

(Under fire General Secretary of the JFF Dennis Chung)
In terms of finances, there was an agreement that the players would receive a 20% payout from the funds paid out by FIFA separate from the earnings of the World Cup (amounting to around AUD 700,000). The coaches have yet to confirm if they have received their payout either which begs the question; why?

Why is it always the girls’ team that is mistreated? Why is President Micheal Ricketts silent on the matter? Could FIFA or CONCACAF step in to resolve it? I know this is a very strong statement, but is the federation misogynistic? They may well not be but the behaviour hardly shows otherwise. Gold Cup qualification is coming up and there is a 23-player roster of people 99% of Jamaicans have never heard of and this is all because the JFF have dropped the ball.

(Statement posted by vice-captain Allyson Swaby on her Twitter/X profile)
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