“Does Over Paying Free Agents in Baseball Win you Titles”

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Over the last two decades baseball teams have paid a ridiculous amount of money for free agent players. The MLB has tried for years to keep teams under the luxury tax, to make sure the big market teams pay if they go over it. In 2016 their were a record breaking 6 teams issued the luxury tax by the MLB and still franchises have not back down on paying the big free agent. Over the years teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Angels have paid a massive amount of money for free agents. So my question to you is does over paying free agents win you championships? Lets check out some free agent moves in the last 10 years that has worked. Max Scherzer got a 210 million dollar contract from the Nationals in 2015, since then he has tossed two no hitters, won quite of few Cy Youngs and this year help win the Nationals their first championship. CC Sabathia took a 161 million dollar contract from the New York Yankees in 2009 and help the yankees win there first championship in 9 years. My thought on baseball contracts is, that agents like Scott Boras have tried in the last 2 decades to play the big market teams against one another. I believe the agents are one of the main causes of these problems in baseball and has hurt smaller market teams in the MLB.

The last two offseason you would of thought that general managers had a little more understanding, on over paying top free agents. Last year Bryce Harper excepted a 13 year 330 million dollar contract from the Phillies in free agency, he had 35 homers and 114 runs batted in. Giving one player a contract like that effects your luxury tax going forward for the next 10 years. Harpers contract could hurt the Phillies moving forward but was he the missing piece to win a title? The answer is probably no, Harper has 5 homers and only 10 runs batted in 19 playoff games with the Nationals. While quite a few pieces beside Bryce was added to the Phillies last season, the team finished with a 81 win season and didn’t even sniff the playoffs. Manny Machado accepted the 10 year 300 million dollar contracted from the Padres last offseason. The Padres now will be put in the same position as the Phillies with Bryce for the next 10 years and it could hurt them with the leagues luxury tax going forward. Machado last year help the Padres win four more games than the 2018 Padres and again they finished in last place in their division.

The Yankees this year won 103 games with over 33 injuries which was the most in baseball history in a 162 game season. They were 2 games away from going to the World Series and lost because of timely hitting. The Yankees decided this offseason, after being under the luxury tax for almost 2 years and opened their pockets for a ace. I would say this for yankee fans be careful what you wish for. This is the same kid the yankees drafted in 2008 that decided to go play college ball and walk away from his professional contract with the yankees. I don’t know but paying a pitcher historic contract which was a 9 year 324 million dollar contract, does not guarantee anything as far as championships are concerned. Since the Yankees are breaking records in so many categories they historically have not won a championship in now 10 years. So I ask you reading, does adding a 300 million dollar pitcher to your now loaded pitching staff worth paying that contract? Only time will tell but I do know one thing time is not on their side with the luxury tax thats for sure.

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