Do NFL Players make Too Much?

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This is a question that Think we all have pondered from time to time. When I think of the money some of the coveted NFL Players are paid I am stunned at the money involved. The reality is they are paid to play a game and hopefully a game they love.If they are playing for the love of the game then they are very fortunate to be playing the game they love and make an incredible living at it to boot. Back to the money, I always thought it was insane for players of any sport really to be paid millions to just throw,catch or run a ball. That all changed this past week when we had Gary Brown, former NFL player and Super Bowl champ on the Haystack show. I had the opportunity to ask Gary Brown if he thought NFL players were paid too much and his answer surprised m and changed my opinion of NFL salaries. Gary said he used to fee the same way I did. But after someone explained to him that every player is one hit away from having his career end. That really sunk into him, the same way it did me. Thinking that anytime you go out into the field you are at risk of ending your career, loosing your way to make a living and potentially having to deal with a life long injury. Gary also reminded me that for every player with a large contract there are 10 or more on the roster not even close to making an 1/8 of that money who are running the same risk. When you take the field at the highest level, it isn’t just a game anymore, it’s your livelihood. When you think about it, it’s difficult to put a price tag on that. If the players want to take that risk and the teams want to payout, I say let em’ pay!
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