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As per usual, some disgraceful activities had to be shone on the Jamaican public. The JAAA (Jamaican Athletic Association) has once again had an absolute clangor with the laughable legal action taken against former 100 meter champion Tyquendo Tracey.

In 2023, the selections committee, inclusive of Maurice Wilson, decided to take along Kadrion Goldson who finished 8th at the trials to Tokyo which bumped Tracey off of the athletics team.

Tracey, albeit not the best Jamaica has to offer, is still a reliable member of the Track & Field team especially for the relay pool.

After calling out the selections committee and Wilson in particular, they got their panties in a twist and are trying to blackball this man. The funny thing is, Maurice Wilson heads the Track club that Kadrion Goldson is apart of and rejected to rule out that his biases were apart of it.

Now, there is a legal battle over the comments made by Tracey, and his lawyers have said that said rule never existed and this is completely unfair, which is true.

The Nation Athletics Trials in Jamaica begin on Thursday, June 27 and will run until Sunday, June 30 and there is a lot of eyes waiting and watching to see if Tracey does get a chance to compete.

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