Connor McGregor is Not Retiring!

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As we all know, the UFC living legend and main attraction, Connor McGregor has retired? Yes, apparently, he tweeted a statement on March 26th claiming he has decided to “retire from the sport formally known as Mixed Martial Arts today”. This came out of nowhere, but a man like Connor does not need to compete anymore due to his success in the UFC. McGregor is a rare athlete, who is bigger than the sport, which allows him to gain different streams of income through other businesses he is affiliated with or owns. As a fan of the man himself, I know for a FACT he is not retiring!
This is not the first time McGregor has “retired”, he has retired a total of three times throughout his UFC career. I understand, third time is a charm, but McGregor has always been about the sports entertainment aspect of UFC. He is “retired” now just because he does not want to compete during the pandemic and without the fans. The more fans and pay-per-view buys, the more money he leaves with at the end of the night whether he wins or loses. Connor McGregor would NEVER pass up a great fight with an amazing pay out, no matter how well off he is. Look at Mayweather, he has retired three times within his boxing career. One of those times were to fight McGregor! Each time Mayweather came out of retirement, it was to either: fight a worthy opponent, great payout, missing the sport, or all three combined. What is stopping an athlete like McGregor from doing the same thing? Everyone is still waiting on a McGregor vs Diaz 3 or McGregor vs Khabib 2. Those two fights would be an amazing main event card. Connor McGregor is already a guaranteed UFC Hall of Famer, but if he wants to add to his legendary resume, he would continue doing what he does best, being Connor McGregor.
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