CFB Playoff Standings Released – Try Not to Laugh!

by Mark Everett Kelly | Nov 25, 2020 | College Football | 0 comments

On Tuesday, the 13-member CFB Playoff Committee released their first standings. Below are the committee’s list of the top-10 teams, followed by my response and top-10. A question often asked is who is on the committee.

You can find the 2020 members by clicking here, and strength of schedule standings here.

2020 CFB Playoff Committee Standings
1. Alabama 7-03
2. Notre Dame8-029
3. Clemson7-16
4. Ohio State4-021
5. Texas A&M 5-15
>> 6. Florida, 7 Cincinnati, 8. Northwestern, 14. BYU

I cannot currently select a team with four games or a member of a significantly weaker conference ahead of other teams with the same amount of losses.

For more on my view of the CFB Playoff selection, click here.

CFB Playoff Standings
Mark Everett Kelly
W-LTotal (PPG + YPG Diff. +/- Top 25 W/L – SOS)
1. Alabama7-0220.6
2. Notre Dame8-0152
3. Florida6-1119.3
4. Texas A&M5-1111.8
5. Clemson7-1217.4
6. Ohio State4-0147.3
7. Cincinnati8-0127.9
10. Northwestern5-030
>> BYU (12), Coastal Carolina (15)

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