Best of the Super Jr 29 – Who takes all the glory?

by Alex Slowes | May 11, 2022 | General | 0 comments

Last years winner of the Best Of The Super jr 28 tournament was Hiromu Takahashi. This year New Japan is spicing things up by bringing in competitors from across the globe. Some of these include impact wrestlings Ace Austin, All Elite Wrestlings Wheeler Yuta, MLWs TJP, & GCWs Alex Zayne. This tournament is the most important one of the year for New Japan & the most notable. With this tournament I am keeping a close eye on wheeler Yuta who is more aggressive & has had major influence from William regal of the blackpool combat club. With this new side of Yuta I expect him to up his game and really use his best wrestling tactics. My Prediction is that it will be wheeler yuta & Ace austin in the finals for both the A & B block. The Winner will get a shot at the IWGP World heavyweight championship. If Okada is still the champion by the end of this tournament & If yuta is the winner of this year’s tournament the match could be held on an episode of AEW dynamite or in NJPW territory. I would think that this match would be held on an AEW show if covid restrictions are lifted for travel in. this years BOSJ 29 starts on may 15th for night 1 & will end June 2nd.
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