When Adam Gase worked behind the scenes to get then, New York Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan fired during the offseason heading into the 2019 season, he might have finally altered a very dysfunctional system of drafting. A few weeks later, the Jets signed Joe Douglas to a six-year contract. Douglas finds himself with the colossal task of supplying the organization with players to fill the multiple holes on their roster.

Douglas brings an impressive resume of finding productive players wherever he was part of assisting in the draft. However, in the what have you done for me lately NFL, Jets fans will not be impressed unless he achieves similar success.

The Jets currently own four picks in the first three rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft. Regardless of the players available, the Jets have too many holes to be content with only four picks. 

Every loss from over the final four weeks of the season secures the Jets additional leverage in building the best scenario for the franchise. 

The higher up on the draft board the organization finishes, the higher return should Douglas should trade it, which he definitely should.

Since I am hiring myself as the Jets general manager for a day, I would set a goal to secure seven picks in the first three rounds.


The first thing that I would be doing is shutting down key players that are my building blocks for the future. Both Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams should be placed on IR for the remainder of the regular season. The last thing the Jets can afford is a severe injury to either player. Adam’s injury against the Bengals should scare the Jets into what they would look like without his ability to blitz, cover receivers, and running backs, along with making tackles coming up the line of scrimmage. 

Darnold is seemingly running for his life every week. God forbid Darnold hurts himself and risks his future being the franchise QB behind the worst offensive line in the NFL. Sam I am has shown enough during their three-game streak of 34 points to see what the Jets needed.


First Round: Raiders (2), Jaguars (2), and Dolphins (3) all have multiple picks in the first round. 

Second Round: Colts (2), Seahawks (2), Bears (2), Dolphins (2) and Falcons (2)

Third Round: Broncos (3), Raiders (3) and Jets (2)

If the Jets draft in the top three:

Trade first and the lower of their third-round picks to Dolphins for lowest two of their first-round picks and both second-round picks. That gives the Jets six picks in the top three rounds. In this scenario, I would exceed that original number of seven, by trading the higher of my two second-round picks to the Broncos for their two highest third-round picks.

Total picks in first three rounds: Eight

If the Jets draft Fourth or Fifth:

Trade first-round pick to the Raiders for both their first-round picks. Trade the lowest of the first-round picks obtained from Las Vegas to the Dolphins for both second-round picks and their lowest third-round pick.

Total picks in first three rounds: Seven

In Part II of my article on being Joe Douglas, I will discuss the draft picks that will make the Jets a playoff team in 2020.