Basketball Trainer/Development Coach Ganon Baker Was In New Jersey Once Again Making An Appearance At Switlik Elementary School On Friday March 22nd With Hustle Academy Kids

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On Friday March 22nd I had the opportunity to help out with basketball trainer/development coach Ganon Baker/Pedro once again with our friends Sarah, Jen and Samara from Hustle Academy. This time it was held at Switlik Elementary School which started at 6:00 and ended around 9:00 or so. They had a fantastic turnout with all the kids ready to learn from Baker who is regarded one of the best trainers out there right now. Everyone had their Hustle Academy Ganon Baker shirts on, practicing while waiting for him and some of the parents in attendance. Baker does a great job of having a certain routine with these kids to get better at basketball.

Before training starts, Gannon Baker tells the players to get their notebooks and pens out as he gives a motivational speech to each of them. Baker makes them write the key fundamentals of this great game of basketball, staying focused, having a right mindset and work together. It’s always awesome to see the kids locked in, listening and writing notes down when Ganon Baker speaks. He says impactful stuff in real life situations as Baker tries to let them know that you gotta keep working hard and limit outside distractions. They do a fantastic job of being hands on with these players, teaching them the right way how to play as a team.

Baker taught them some new things on Friday like screening for their teammates, setting up right plays, talking more on the court, finishing at the basket and ball movement. Ganon Baker brings a unique style of basketball training outside of any other trainer as he makes it more fun, creative drills, being consistent and sportsmanship. Ganon Baker travels all over the world to do this clinics as he worked with some top NBA players like LeBron James, late Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Maya Moore and others. All of the Hustle Academy Kids enjoyed it on Friday as they continue to become better basketball players on and off the court.

Shout-out to Gannon Baker, Pedro, Hustle Academy, Sarah, Jen and Samara for letting me help out at these basketball clinics. Looking forward to more and stay tuned everyone.

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