“Ball It, Till You Haul It”

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Welcome back! Great to see you again. Another day. Another dollar spent. Am I right? So glad you are back with us again. Where did we leave off last week…? Oh, yes! I remember now. You want to become a Fantasy Millionaire. Well. Well. You’ve come to the right place, my friend. There’s a perfect bottle of Krug 1979 Champagne on ice in the grotto and someone special waiting for us. Shall we? You shared with me you wanted to know more about how to “Ball it, till you haul it.” I knew it. You were actually listening last time. Well played. I’m sure you look at me and see the house and the cars and the yachts and think, this guy is ‘Ballin it and hauling it all.’ Am I right? Hahahaha. But, I’m not “the” expert on this subject honestly. My partner Mike “Cash” Collins is the man behind the magic. He’s the shaman we seek, the guru we’ll meet to guide us on our Millionaire way. Are you Okay? I noticed you staring back over my shoulder while we were cutting through the rose garden. Oh, the helicopters. Just the newest Hx50 models from Hill over in the UK. ‘They make absolute bang on choppers mate. Or do they call them whirlybirds’ You didn’t know I did a spot-on British accent? I am a man of many mysteries. Looks like Mike is just pouring the Champagne now. Did you see our new helicopters?! The Catalina Wine Mixer never disappoints. I’ll take you up whenever you want. Just say the word. Champagne!! I always fill mine to the tippy-top. Especially when indulging Krug 1979. Taste the energy and the tension. Such a powerful year. It’s the year Scott and I were both born. Can you taste the power? I can’t do anything but. It wasn’t always this way though. What you are seeing now is the “haul after the ball” to be honest. But there is no haul, without the ball. And before you can ball, you have to learn how to crawl. Most miss this detail because it’s small, which ultimately leads to their downfall. Truly, in the end though, it’s the key to it all.
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You don’t become a Fantasy Millionaire overnight. You are gonna have to grind. This isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme that’s going to promise you millions from selling tiny newsprint ads, stuffing envelopes or hosting “Conspiracy Theory” seminars out of the Candlewood Suites ballroom. 

Last time I shared with you the importance of being yourself. The next step is to identify the skills that you have to pay the bills and then start investing in the consistent betterment of those skills. There is only one you. No one else is going to make you a better person, but yourself. It’s simple. Invest in you. Living every day in light of this calling has lifted us up from “crawl” to “ball” and finally now to “haul.” Cash rules the world! And we want all the dollar, dollar, dollar bills y’all! 

Cash never lies. The Fantasy Millionaires are who we are because we are dedicated to ourselves. We love us some us. And you will too after you dive into our weekly content on the World Wide Sports Radio Network. Make sure to follow me, Scott “Stacks” Simpson (@NimblewNumbers) and Mike “Cash” Collins (@theralphmacho) on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel “The Fantasy Millionaires” and check out our content on The Fantasy Millionaires website

You know what they always say, time flies when you are drinking $1,500 bottles of Champagne. Unfortunately, we are running late for our Space X Dragon spacesuit fittings. We’ve rescheduled a few times and now they are threatening to move our seats back to “The Jerry Jones” section of the spacecraft. Like we’d let that happen. Hahaha. Look forward to seeing you again real soon and hearing all about how you are becoming a Fantasy Millionaire. 

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