(Thomas Tuchel [left], and Steven Gerrard [right])
This summer in football will be one that none of us as fans have witnessed before with the amount of coaching availabilities in the world. From England to France, Spain to the United States, many clubs head into this summer on automatic as there is no one steering them for the near future.

(Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp)
In England where this circus act has begun with Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, has announced he will be stepping down at the end of the season. It comes as a shock to many as he has just rebuilt that team and is now walking away from his work. The German has said that he is “running out of energy” and will take time off with rumors saying he will take up the German National team job.

Another historic club losing their manager is Barcelona. Xavi Hernandez, one of the all-time greatest midfielders to ever grace the game, has announced he will leave the Catalans at the end of the term as well. This is due to multiple factors (pressure, losing the dressing room, financial constraints) but La Blaugrana is on the hunt for a new boss.

(Xavi Hernandez)
German giants Bayern Munich are also hunting the next best manager as they have announced they have “mutually agreed” to part ways with Thomas Tuchel. This is undoubtedly down to the fact that Bayern is currently eight (8) points of the top spot and over the last 11 years have been champions of Germany.

Not just clubs without managers but clubs at risk of losing managers is at an alarming rate. Mikel Arteta is entering his last year as Arsenal boss, and even though there should come an agreement between man and club, none has yet come to fruition.
Roberto De Zerbi of Brighton is a wanted man and the likes of Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Liverpool are monitoring his situation to see if they can pry him from the Premier League club.

(Spanish manager Xabi Alonso)
The man probably in the highest demand is Xabi Alonso. The former Liverpool and Bayern Munich player, currently managing at Bayer Leverkusen, will possibly have to choose between both clubs come the end of term. Currently, he’s the one who is toppling Bundesliga champions Bayern and is currently unbeaten in 34 games.

Erik Ten Hag might be one to look out for his future as this has been a roller-coaster year with Manchester United. The Dutchman has one year left on his contract and with the new investment in the club led by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS group, they could make a change to the managerial department.

(Dutch manager Erik Ten Hag)
Other names like Unai Emery, Hansi Flick, Julian Naglesmann, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, etc. have all been lined up for potential moves in the summer, but one thing remains for sure, next season will be very transitional, to say the least.


(Baltimore Ravens flopping as they normally do)
Another year, another crumbling playoff run by the overrated Baltimore Ravens. Earlier this year I heard some pundits even say this team was better than the one that won the Super Bowl last: the one with Ray Lewis, Terell Suggs, and Joe Flacco. I’m sorry but if saying nonsense is how you get on TV, no wonder I’m still a writer. Crap opinions like that on impressionable people is dangerous.

In all seriousness, this was the biggest number-one seed fluke in the history of the NFL, even worse than the Atlanta Falcons 16-0 season. When will people learn that Lamar Jackson cannot and will not EVER be able to win a Super Bowl, but no let’s give him the MVP award because that’s how far the credibility of the award has degraded.

(Lamar Jackson failing again)
And for people saying he should win it, WHY? Why should he win it? What did he do (apart from running the ball) that was astronomically better than someone like Jordan Love? Low ranked (15th) in passing yards, passing TDs (11th), and 4th in QBR, but let’s give this average at-best QB the award. Oh but, but, he won a playoff game. CONGRATULATIONS! He now has the same amount of playoff wins as Dak Prescott who is constantly torn down by the media.

And don’t get me started on Zay Flowers. Proving your age on the biggest stage is embarrassing. Taunting? Really? You can’t just play your ball without being a nonce? Then diving for the goal line because OBVIOUSLY the game was on the line and this was the last play that mattered. Idiotic.

All I’m saying is John Harbaugh needs to retire. Not for anything he did, but to preserve the coaching legacy he created so that these bunch of prats taint it for future generations to see.



(Rematch of the 2020 Super Bowl)
For some so-called “experts”, this Super Bowl match-up between the 49ers and the Chiefs comes as a surprise, but not to me.

Since September, the week after Miami crushed Denver and put up 70 points, Philly started great, and Baltimore looked good, I made one prediction; Niners – Chiefs Super Bowl. There was no evidence throughout this season that could have changed my mind in the least.

Yes, Mahomes and his guys were making hard work of the regular season dropping passes like it was a hot potato, but only an idiot thought they weren’t going to be here today.

(QB sensation Patrick Mahomes)
As for the NFC, name a team that was better than San Francisco, I’ll wait. No team has the depth and quality plus experience that the Niners possess. People talk about Philly, but one injury to Lane Johnson and the season was derailed. Dallas? Ha! Check, please! Detroit? They were boys who got too big for their bridges.
(Brandon Aiyuk making THAT catch that changed the game)
The AFC was much more competitive, yes, but I’ll be honest and will contest this with anyone, Baltimore made it to the Championship game because Joe Burrow was injured. If he was fit, certain teams would go in at a different seeing and Baltimore would crumble as they always do under Lamar Jackson. I hoped that Buffalo could’ve ended Mahomes but again they fell to the best team in the league.

This upcoming Super Bowl will be close by only the scoreline. I would love for the Niners to win and take the trophy back to the NFC, but as a realist, that defense isn’t enough to stop Mr. Mahomes.

Front Runner

Front Runner

(Getty Images)
As with the DPOY argument, it is about time there is a non-QB winning the award this year. In the preseason I wanted someone to break the dominance of the passers of the ball, and I thought it could’ve been Justin Jefferson. Unfortunately, he got injured, but the MVP should still go to a “receiver” of the ball. 

That player should be Christian McCaffery. The 27 year old Running Back is having s stellar season with the 49ers and is arguably their best player. The half-back has had his 17 game touchdown streak halted this season, but he already has 13 TD’s this season and looks unstoppable, as do the rest of his team.

(Getty Images: Christian McCaffery)
The MVP award has traditionally gone to QB’s over the years and you’d have to go back to 2012 when there was a non-QB winner, and that was a RB in the great Adrian Peterson.

Factually, the award will be handed to Lamar Jackson, Brock Purdy, or even Dak Prescott before they even consider other stars like McCaffery, Bland, or Lane Johnson purely based on position.

(Getty Images: Adrian Peterson)
To put that into perspective, it’s like having a PB&J sandwich and thanking the bread for the flavour. Purdy has been good, Jackson fine, and Dak okay, but McCaffery has been the most consistent player in the league. This might just be a pity article, another one swept under the rug, but it is high time the MVP actually goes to the Most Valuable Player. Happy Holidays!


(Mike McCarthy [left], Jerry Jones [right])
Twenty-Eight years. That is how long the Dallas Cowboys have not seen the promised land of a Super Bowl title and we can now officially say twenty-nine. I am a fan of the Cowboys for the better part of a decade and it is getting frustrating with the lack of success.

First, they had a QB with no protection, then they got protection but no targets, and finally, they got targets and lost the QB and are stuck with Dak Prescott. Let’s be real here, Dakota Prescott will never win a Super Bowl and will never be considered a great player and there lies the issue. 

(Failed Dallas QB Dakota Prescott)
“America’s team” should have the best of all positions and staff. Settling with Prescott has set us back at least five years because of the structure that will need to change. Every time the Cowboys do make it to the playoffs, they act like a deer in the headlights; scared and shocked.

First, a pass was given because of Covid, Micah Parsons was unwell but played anyway, next it was the penalty fiasco with Randy Gregory and Terrance Steele, then Mike McCarthy’s crap play-calling using Zeke as the center AND NOW it’s Dak Prescott with his best Jameis Winston impression.

Mike “play-caller” McCarthy is a huge problem. Has the ego of Don Shula and the talent of Rex Ryan. There is no reason he should be the head coach next year. There are rumors currently that no decision will be made until after Tuesday morning whether he stays or goes.

(The last Cowboys championship team including Michael Irving [far right])
Confirmed targets for replacing the failed HC are Mike Tomlin, Dan Quinn, Bill Belichick, and a wild card pick in Jim Harbaugh if/when Jerry Jones pulls the trigger.

Dallas have put themselves in a terrible position this offseason because of Prescott’s contract package and the no-trade clause. It still hurts to see that Dallas could have drafted Jordan Love and went against that decision to pay Dak a contract he was never worth.

If I was Jerry Jones, I’d take the hit on his contract, get McCarthy as far away from Dallas as possible, trade DeMarcus Lawrence, and fix it with Trey Lance, Mike Tomlin, and Aaron Donald.