Big3 Basketball Plans To Launch Quarantined Tournament In April

Big3 Basketball Plans To Launch Quarantined Tournament In April

The Big3 plans to launch a quarantined, reality show-style three-on-three tournament in April to help curb the nation’s appetite for basketball in the aftermath of the coronavirus sports hiatus.

The founders of the league — hip-hop icon and actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz — have been having ongoing conversations with multiple TV networks since late last week to broadcast the tournament, which is expected to also garner international interest.

The preseason tournament will feature 16 to 22 players from The Big3 who are negative for the coronavirus, and they will be quarantined in Los Angeles.

Former NBA standouts such as Joe Johnson, Zach Randolph and Greg Oden could participate in the tournament, but many details are still being worked out.

To assure the league is operating under safe conditions, players will be quarantined in a large home provided by the league, sources said. A basketball court/facility will be built on site.

If a player breaks quarantine at any point during the tournament, he would be eliminated and removed from the premises.

The games and the players’ daily lives will be captured on camera for added drama and storylines.

The production crew would be stationed nearby but offsite from the players.

There would be seven rounds of games, with teammates reshuffling after the first round.

When a player accumulates three losses, he is eliminated. Cash prizes totaling millions of dollars will be awarded for first, second, and third-place individual winners.


“As long as we can protect the players, which we will do through proper testing and quarantine, Ice cube and I feel we can give fans some safe, entertaining brand of basketball to get everyone through this pandemic,” Jeff Kwatinetz told Yahoo Sports. “Cube and I have been in the entertainment business for 30 years. This is our job. People want to be entertained with all we’re going through and enjoy our sports. We think this will help.”


The Big3’s 2020 season is set to kick off on June 20 in Memphis until further notice.

Preparing For College Basketball’s MarchMadness

Preparing For College Basketball’s MarchMadness

I’m going to familiarize you with March Madness lingo.

These are the most common words and phrases associated with the greatest basketball tournament on the planet.

March Madness or The Big Dance is a single-elimination postseason playoff played round-by-round over a three-week period until a single champion is crowned.

The furious pace is full of upsets, buzzer beaters, rambunctious celebrations and also the inevitable heart wrenching losses.

Round 1, features teams from high and mid-major conferences at the top of the tournament bracket.
The lowest seed teams at the very bottom of the bracket are refer to as Cinderellas by the media and on many occasions, like in the Disney Story, a Cinderellawill get to dance with a Prince.

Before becoming a major basketball power house, the Gonzaga University Bulldogs used to be one of those Cinderellas teams.

The greatest boost to a Cinderella is known as Selection Sunday. It can set recruiting for their basketball programs for years because their teams will attract at least two or more players which were not highly recruited by Division I major basketball programs.

These guys are highly motivated and March Madness is their shot at paying back the major basketball programs which ignored them during recruiting, not to mention the incalculable exposure that they’re going to bring to their schools nationally.

§ Round 2, thirty-two teams remain

§ Round 3, sixteen teams (dubbed the Sweet 16)

§ Round 4, eight teams (Elite Eight);

§ Round 5, four teams (Final Four)

§ And Round 6, two teams fight for the National Championship

If you were able to absorb all of this information, then…Congratulations are in Order!

Because you passed Bracketology 101!

One of my fondest March Madness memories is the 1985 Villanova Wildcats winning the National Title, by beating the heavily favorite Georgetown Hoyas.

Growing up in Philly we use to watch the Wildcats play at the old Philadelphia Palestra and thanks to one of my Brothers, we got a chance to break bread with some of those guys.

The guy who impressed us the most was Eddie Pinckney.

Everyone called him Easy Ed because he always had smile on his face and seem to be in a good mood.

Pinckney went on to play in the NBA for twelve years and every time I saw him on television, I would smile myself, thinking back at the time when Easy Edand his Wildcats got the better of the Georgetown Hoyas in that title game.

The Daytona 500 NASCAR 2020 – The Great American Race

The Daytona 500 NASCAR 2020 – The Great American Race

Two-time DAYTONA 500 champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns in 2020 to wave the green flag as the Honorary Starter of the 62nd running of the DAYTONA 500.

Junior is NASCAR royalty and among all his great accomplishments, he won the DAYTONA 500 back in 2004 and again in 2014.

On February 16th, Earnhardt will join an exclusive group of superstars to wave the green flag for the DAYTONA 500, including award-winning actress Charlize Theron, Baseball Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr., Pro Football Hall of Famers Dan Marino, Brett Favre, and many more!

The semi-retired, professional stock car racer driver’s Family Tree is more than impressive – and that’s an understatement, trust me!

He is a team owner, author, and an analyst for NASCAR on NBC.Junior competes part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the No. 8 Chevrolet Camaro for his team JR Motorsports.

He is the son of the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. who was inducted into the NASCAR Hall Of Fame.The grandson of NASCAR driver Ralph Earnhardt, brother of Kelley Earnhardt-Miller, half-brother of former driver Kerry Earnhardt, uncle of driver Jeffrey Earnhardt and the stepson of Teresa Earnhardt.

Mamba Out…

Mamba Out…

With the entire country’s eyes fixed on them Lakers Nation responded did themselves proud, as they payed tribute – with heavy, but proud hearts, to two of their own – Kobe and Gigi Bryant.

With all due respect to the Los Angeles Lakers fan base, as you have clearly notice these few days, Kobe and his princess, not only had your hearts, but ours also.

Growing Up in Philly, our Coach took me and my Brothers to Lower Merion High to see Kobe play, before declare NBA. However the gym was pack and we had to settle for seeing him play on a TV monitor on another building. Coach was nevertheless so happy and fire up, the whole ride home kept saying to us,

“Jellybean’s son going be a great player!”

Sure! Kobe made some mistakes – as some incentive mother f*ers are quick to point out during this tragic time, but as the Holly Man once said,

“Let the one without any sins cast the first stone.”

It’s not about being right, is about doing right and decency.

No matter, which team you loyally follow, when push comes to shove the NBA Family will always back one of its own.

Through ownership-executive bad decisions, prizing out the average fan, celebrity commentators with their clueless self-serving agendas and too many other issues.

“Guess what?”
“We still here!”

Visionary, David Stern – may he always rest in peace () saw all of this coming a mile away and decided all the power needed to go back to the players because nobody was going to hijack his league, like other professional leagues have been.

At the end is just this simple,

“Every day that you open your eyes and not find yourself inside a whole of dirt with flowers growing on top of you, Is A Good Day!

May you and your princess always rest in peace, Mamba…”

The Tale Of The Tape By True Boxing Fans On Wilder Vs Fury II

The Tale Of The Tape By True Boxing Fans On Wilder Vs Fury II

“Ortiz is a better boxer than Fury and we saw what Wilder did there…and Wilder will put the nail in the coffin..Fury can’t punch…”, Ivan Montiel.

“If (Wilder) nails you, If he catches you’re done! No doubt!…If Fury stays away from Wilder’s right hand he will win the fight, Huge If!”, Lion Cuban.

“Fury is the better boxer but I think Wilder adjusts just enough to catch Fury with a big one that he can’t get up from…”, Damian Adams.

“For sure Fury can outbox him but I have Wilder by late KO-TKO ’cause vs (Dentoy Wider there is no such thing as a defensive perfect fight”, Blue Dog Gerardo Granados.

“Fury gonna win. He’s got more heart; he wants it more.”, Pablo Kutter.