NFL Clichés

NFL Clichés

Question: What’s an Aussie aka Australian doing writing the ULTIMATE clichés book on American football?

Answer: Passion, appreciation of the game, the game’s history, the emotion, the stories and the knowledge.

Yes, it’s true, each year I become more obsessed with the NFL and all it encompasses, from the games, the pre-season, the draft, the fans, the coaches, the teams, the cities, the shows, the websites, the history, the back stories, the characters, the quotes etc etc etc.

I get up early Monday mornings to watch the NFL. I tape all the games as well as year round watching NFL Live, NFL Network shows and Fox shows over the net.

After meeting many NFL players over the years in my work as a producer for ESPN, ESPY’s etc and doing profiles on various players I have an emotional connection to the NFL, college football, high school and even Pop Warner.

Last year I finally published my first pet project, a book of clichés based on my equally favourite game Rugby League, titled ‘Rugby League is the Winner’.

So, how could I possibly leave this book out all alone? It needed a companion…. So here is ‘NFL Clichés’.

Everyone dreams of publishing a book, so here I am putting my money where my dream is as I’ve not only written, published, but also funded this book…. Crazy aye!

So, please spread the word about this book! I need your help, your football fan friends help and anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

Never Give Up! Go the Dolphins! Gazza J. aka Gary Jarjoura

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