What does the Jalen Hurts draft mean for Carson Wentz?

What does the Jalen Hurts draft mean for Carson Wentz?

Well, that was something. Entering the NFL Draft, the contenders to pick a quarterback early in the draft that wasn’t the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, and the Los Angeles Chargers ranged from the New England Patriots, to the New Orleans Saints, to the Indianapolis Colts, to the Green Bay Packers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Teams that could take a quarterback who already have an established starting quarterback, other than New England, would take a young prospect and groom him for the future. If you had the Philadelphia Eagles doing that, then you need to be on television as a draft analyst.
The Eagles used their first-round pick to take wide receiver Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson, a pick that was met with initial mixed reviews, but it was addressing a position of need. Their second-round pick left the NFL world stunned. With their second pick in this draft, Philadelphia selected quarterback Jalen Hurts out of Oklahoma. Not only did many not have the Eagles picking a quarterback early, not many had Hurts going this early in the draft. He was projected as a third-rounder or a fourth-rounder by most, but Philadelphia decided to go that route, but the question is why?
The biggest consensus and understanding were Wentz’s injury history. Tearing his ACL in 2017 and missing the rest of the Eagles season and subsequent run to the Super Bowl title. Missing the remainder of 2018 with a back injury and suffering an unfortunate concussion during the playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks this past season. Despite the injuries, Wentz is one of the top-7 or top-5 quarterbacks in the game when he’s healthy and in a rhythm. What he did last year for the Eagles with all the injuries that happened around the offense by playing so well down the stretch and leading the Eagles to the NFC East division title was incredible. Wentz is as good as any quarterback in the league right now, which makes this decision by general manager Howie Roseman and head coach Doug Pederson more puzzling.
They later explained that they want to use Hurts in a Taysom Hill type role and mentioned how the Ravens used Lamar Jackson and Joe Flacco in 2018. Thing is with Hill, he went undrafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2017 until the Saints scooped him up. Hill was not necessarily looked at as a future franchise quarterback. Now, Hill might be being groomed to be the eventual successor to Drew Brees, but there are still doubts whether or not that will be the right move for New Orleans. As far as the Ravens situation with Jackson and Flacco, Jackson was drafted to be the successor to Flacco, but the Ravens using Jackson in packages with Flacco caused the offense to go out of synch at times. It was best for Jackson to prepare for when he would become the starter because that what he was being groomed to be as a first-round pick. You don’t just pick Jalen Hurts in the second-round and just have him for package and gadget plays.
Putting Hurts in these types of plays will hurt his development as a quarterback and hurt the rhythm Wentz is having on offense, and again Wentz is one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Nobody could really benefit from this. Was a message sent to Wentz with this pick? I don’t know, and it’s strange to see a selection like this be made by a team that has made the playoffs in 2017 and 2019 largely because of him, and the Eagles gave him a big contract extension. The bottom line is, for better or for worse for Wentz, a talented player like Hurts is on the roster. If Wentz has injury problems again, and Hurts comes in and plays well, we might be looking at yet another discussion about the future of the Eagles at quarterback, just like with Nick Foles.
The Jets re-signing Jamal Adams remains their biggest priority

The Jets re-signing Jamal Adams remains their biggest priority

The New York Jets may not have been big spenders in free agency, but general manager Joe Douglas let the market come to him and payed players at the right price. The results brought in help on the offensive line with guys such as Connor McGovern, George Fant, and Greg Van Roten, and bringing back players like Brodney Poole and Alex Lewis. After losing Robby Anderson in free agency, Douglas has decided to take a chance and sign Breshad Perriman in the hopes he can carry over his performance from the last five games of 2019 into 2020. It has been a steady offseason, but there is a big thing that still needs to be resolved, giving a contract extension to safety Jamal Adams.
For months now as Adams enters his fourth year in the league, the Jets and Adams have engaged in a bit of a back and forth regarding his future in New York. Things heated up during the trade deadline last year when the Jets and Dallas Cowboys were talking about a possible trade that would’ve sent the All-Pro to Dallas. The trade came close but they couldn’t come to an agreement, but Adams later said he felt Douglas went behind his back. Since then, Douglas has expressed how much he wants Adams back and said he wants Adams as a Jet for life.
The Jets drafted Adams in 2017 and he’s been not only the best safety in the game since, but one of the best players in the NFL. In three seasons, Adams has made 273 tackles, 2 interceptions, 6 forced fumbles and 12.5 sacks while going to two Pro Bowls and being names 1st team All-Pro. The sack number is really telling. Adams is a great all-around safety, but his pass rushing ability is so vital to a team that hasn’t had a legit pass rusher off the edge in a long time. His leadership is also impressive. There’s no doubt that Adams is the fire, heart and leader of the Jets and he plays like it.
Some who feel the Jets should trade Adams say that his position isn’t valuable at all for a team to succeed. It’s true that the biggest things you need to win a championship are pass rush, offensive tackle and quarterback, but you do need other positions to win. Adams plays the safety position as well as any safety in the league and he’s a gamechanger with what he can do on the field. He’s as a complete player the Jets have drafted since Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson in 2006 and 2007, respectively.
The Jets batting average in the draft for a while now has been a struggle but guys like Sam Darnold and Adams in the last couple of years seem to put things on the right track. It would be hard pressed to trade Adams in the first place, but to trade a guy who has been a massive draft success after so many draft pick busts for several years now would be a bad pill to swallow. Giving Adams the extension he should get is a must for Douglas, and it would go a long way for the future success of the Jets.
Pre-NFL Draft NFC Division rankings

Pre-NFL Draft NFC Division rankings

Unlike the AFC, the NFC is filled with Super Bowl contenders or real good teams that can make their mark in the playoffs. It’s a conference loaded with good teams and talent around, so let’s take a look at where the each divisions stand before the NFL Draft in a few weeks.

NFC South

  1. New Orleans Saints
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Atlanta Falcons
  4. Carolina Panthers
This division got a whole lot more interesting with the arrival of Tom Brady to the Buccaneers after two decades in New England. The Saints are still the favorites in this division, but Tampa is right behind them. The Bucs are a team that went 7-9 despite their previous quarterback, Jameis Winston, throwing 30 interceptions. This division will come down to these two teams with two Hall of Fame quarterbacks. That is must-see TV. The Falcons are going to have to put it together with Matt Ryan, who is still playing like a top-10 quarterback, soon, especially on their defense. Ryan still has weapons on offense, but it’s the defense that will need to step up if Atlanta wants to get to the playoffs again. The Panthers are in rebuild with new head coach Matt Rhule, and they hop Teddy Bridgewater carries over his momentum from New Orleans at quarterback. With Luke Kuechly retired, leadership in the middle of the defense is missing.

NFC North

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Minnesota Vikings
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. Detroit Lions
The Packers are back on top of this division after a 13-3 campaign with rookie head coach Matt LaFleur. With a good defense, a solid running game and of course, Aaron Rodgers, the Packers are back to being the cream of the crop in the NFC North. The Vikings are right behind them, but Kirk Cousins is going to have to prove he can beat out Rodgers for this division after winning his first playoff over game over Drew Brees and the Saints. The Bears are the most interesting team in this division. After a great 12-4 2018 season, Chicago went 8-8 in 2019, but that was despite their quarterback play from Mitch Trubisky. The Bears might’ve been a playoff team in 2019 if Trubisky played like his 2018 form. If Nick Foles can prove himself as a starting quarterback in this league for good, the Bears will be back in the playoffs. The Lions have the number three overall pick in this year’s draft and seem like they can go in any direction. The team gets Matthew Stafford back from injury, but the question remains how long will the Lions continue to go with Stafford at the helm after 11 years of zero playoff wins? To go with that, Detroit needs to figure out if Matt Patricia truly is their head coach moving forward. There is so many questions in Detroit, and it might take a few offseasons to figure them out.

NFC East

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. Philadelphia Eagles
  3. New York Giants
  4. Washington Redskins
This was division was too close to call, but I’m buying in yet again on the Dallas Cowboys as the best in the East. While they let the division slip through their grasp last year to Philadelphia, the Cowboys brought in Mike McCarthy as their new head coach. The teams also brought back wide receiver Amari Cooper and they signed kicker Greg Zurlein. With Dak Prescott and McCarthy entering big years, Dallas is in a big prove it year. The Eagles made a tremendous run to the playoffs last year and that is a testament to their quarterback Carson Wentz and head coach Doug Pederson. Questions on the Eagles regard their defense, especially their secondary, running game, and the injuries of Wentz. You also must wonder if Alshon Jeffery will be on another team in 2020. The Giants and Redskins seasons come down to their second-year quarterbacks Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins, respectively. Jones showed the most promise for the Giants and played at a good level, while Haskins struggled for Washington.

NFC West

  1. San Francisco 49ers
  2. Seattle Seahawks
  3. St. Louis Rams
  4. Arizona Cardinals
We now get to the toughest and best division in all the NFL. A division that has featured two of their teams in the last two Super Bowls and in all seven teams participate in Super Bowls over the last 15 years. The 49ers are as talented as any team in the league and were minutes away from getting their sixth Super Bowl championship until Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs put on an impressive comeback. Due to how complete they are, the 49ers are still the best team in this division, but the Seattle Seahawks make their road tougher. Seattle, on paper, isn’t as talented as the 49ers but quarterback Russell Wilson makes all the difference. There aren’t many quarterbacks who can really take a team to the playoffs with a lack of talent around them, but Wilson is the exception. If the Seahawks can get their defense back to where it once was, Seattle can win this division. To be honest, this was tough to choose who was next in this division between the Rams and Cardinals. Two years ago, that seemed incredible to even consider, but here we are. Two franchises facing opposite directions and one of them was in the Super Bowl just recently. The Rams have so many questions and have almost changed their roster. Brandin Cooks, Rodger Saffold, and Todd Gurley either left in free agency, were released, or traded. They traded Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib and didn’t get much out of Jalen Ramsey, who they traded two first-round picks for. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are only going to get better under Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray and they have the 8th overall pick in this years draft. They need help on the offensive line and the defense, but they gave Murray possibly the best wide receiver in the NFL in DeAndre Hopkins in a trade with the Houston Texans. I think the Rams are still better than Arizona right now, but it’s close.
Pre-NFL Draft AFC team division rankings

Pre-NFL Draft AFC team division rankings

Last time, we looked at the top quarterbacks in each division in the NFC and AFC heading into the NFL Draft in a few weeks. Now, we’re going to look at where the teams rank after free agency before the draft. Starting with the AFC, a conference led by two powerhouses, one of them are the defending Super Bowl champions, and a lot of question marks.

AFC East

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. New York Jets
  3. New England Patriots
  4. Miami Dolphins
This is now the most perplexing and interesting division to rank due to the absence of Tom Brady. Since Brady took over as the starter for the Patriots in 2001 after quarterback Drew Bledsoe suffered an injury against the Jets, New England won the division 17 out of 19 years under Brady. 2002 and 2008 were the only years New England didn’t win the division during this span as the Jets and Dolphins won them, respectively. Even so, in 2008 Brady missed the year due to a torn ACL in Week 1. Nevertheless, this division is now open for a new champion and the Bills lead the pack so far. The team has a strong defense, led by a solid head coach, and got better on offense by getting Stefon Diggs. The Bills should be the favorites to win their first division title since 1995. The Jets take second, but they’ve seemed to have gotten better on the offensive line, but they still need to find playmakers and a pass rush. If the line protects quarterback Sam Darnold, the Jets could make a legitimate run at this division. New England still has a good defense and Bill Belichick is still the best in the game as the Jarrett Stidham era looks ready to begin. Losing Brady was a massive blow to an already struggling offense in 2019. Despite the Dolphins being aggressive in free agency, questions still surround the team and what they will do at quarterback. The Dolphins were a bit of a surprise in 2019 and Brian Flores did a good job, but spending big in free agency for a team not really at the competing stage was an odd choice and spending big doesn’t mean winning results as we’ve seen so many times.

AFC West

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Denver Broncos ‘
  3. Las Vegas Raiders
  4. Los Angeles Chargers
The world champion Kansas City Chiefs are the class of the division and AFC, and it might be like that for a while. Most of the 2019 Super Bowl champions are set to return next season and you know Andy Reid will find guys to improve the team come the draft. This division is less about the Chiefs and more about who is the best after them and who can challenge them. Denver might be the closest. They finished 7-9 last year after a strong finish with quarterback Drew Lock, but the team blew some games early in the year on defense after their previous quarterback Joe Flacco led them on go-ahead drives against the Bears and Jaguars. Games that could’ve got them to 2-2 instead of what end up being their 0-4 start. With Lock entering his first full season as the starter, Bradley Chubb returning off a torn ACL, and acquiring A.J. Bouye, the Broncos could be in line to be the team that challenges Kansas City maybe not 2020, but soon. The Raiders are an enigma. They got off to such a good start and were competing for a wild-card spot at 6-4, but then they got embarrassed by the Jets on the road, and they went downhill from there. For the second offseason in a row, the Raiders are mired with questions about whether they like Derek Carr or not and if they’re in the market for one. The defense will be the focal point for Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock again in the draft as they have two first-rounder picks. It’s a big “we’ll see” with the Raiders. The Chargers are in the same boat as the Raiders as an enigma. Their talented, but they underachieve. Now with their longtime franchise quarterback Philip Rivers gone to Indianapolis, the Chargers are in the market for a quarterback. Veteran Tyrod Taylor is penciled in as the starter for now.

AFC South

  1. Tennessee Titans
  2. Houston Texans
  3. Indianapolis Colts
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars
While the Titans didn’t win the division last year, and haven’t won it since 2008, the Titans are the best in this division and it’s mainly due to what their competition did and less about what they did. Even though the Titans have a real good and well coached team. The biggest question for them is Ryan Tannehill. Can he live up to his contract and prove last year’s resurgence wasn’t a one-time deal? The Texans won the division last year and have the best quarterback in this division. However, what they did has propelled the Titans to the top of this ranking when they traded DeAndre Hopkins. A move that was heavily criticized and the finger has been pointed at head coach Bill O’Brien. Their defense is also suspect, which means this team will be more Watson driven than ever. The Colts fell off in the second half of 2019 and had questions at quarterback after Andrew luck retired. Now, they signed the aforementioned Philip Rivers, but questions remain about his play after a disastrous 2019. The Colts did add defensive end DeForest Buckner in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers. The onus really falls on Rivers to bounce back in a big way. If he does, the Colts will be in it. The Jaguars enter yet another rebuilding phase as their 2017 teams is all but decimated. Barring drafting a quarterback, the keys have been officially give to Garnder Minshew at quarterback, but the team is a long ways away from competing again.

AFC North

  1. Baltimore Ravens
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Cleveland Browns
  4. Cincinnati Bengals
The Ravens rule the roost in this division after going 14-2 just a year ago with the best offense in the league. Baltimore improved their defense by acquiring Calais Campbell, bringing back Jimmy Smith, and signing Derek Wolfe. With the retirement of Marshal Yanda, the Ravens will have to find a successor to the future Hall of Famer soon. The Ravens are the other powerhouse team in the AFC after the Chiefs, but the division will be a lot tougher to take in 2020. With the return of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the team finishing 8-8 in 2019, the Steelers are primed to have a bounce back year and get right back as contenders. Pittsburgh has a great defense and is well coached, but the question will be whether father time and injuries will finally catch up to Roethlisberger. The Browns can go either way. They’ve got the talent to win, but it all comes down to coaching and can quarterback Baker Mayfield bounce back from a nightmare season. The defense will also need to be better. The Bengals are rebuilding and, barring a big trade down, are set to take LSU’s Joe Burrow with the first overall pick on draft day. Unless the Bengals shock everybody or the Browns play to their talent, the AFC North is down to the Ravens and Steelers again.
Pre-NFL Draft AFC quarterback rankings by Division

Pre-NFL Draft AFC quarterback rankings by Division

 With the NFL Draft just weeks away, teams are getting set and making their final preparations on their draft board for draft week. While a lot of teams are set or at least appear to be set at the quarterback position, teams in desperate need for a signal caller like the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers, and Cincinnati Bengals look to be taking one at the top of the draft. Before the draft, lets look at where the current starting quarterbacks in the league rank in their own division, starting in the AFC.


  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Derek Carr
  3. Drew Lock
  4. Tyrod Taylor

 The clear best quarterback in this division is Patrick Mahomes, and that looks to be the case for a long time as Mahomes has now won the NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP awards in his first two seasons starting for the Kansas City Chiefs. Its after Mahomes where the list gets tricky. The veteran Carr gets the number two spot because of his experience and he did have a solid year in 2019. The problem is his future seems to be murky now in Las Vegas, and the Raiders just had a visit with prospect Justin Herbert. Lock did well for Denver and looks to grow more as the starter going into his sophomore season for his first full year as a starting quarterback. The Chargers also met with Herbert recently, but they will give Taylor a chance to compete and start in 2020. Taylor was up and down in Buffalo and was in Cleveland before heading to Los Angeles. Taylor is a veteran with experience but has never really proven to be a franchise quarterback since leaving the Baltimore Ravens as a backup for four years in 2015.

AFC North

  1. Ben Roethlisberger
  2. Lamar Jackson
  3. Baker Mayfield
  4. Andy Dalton

  As good as Lamar Jackson was in 2019 by winning the MVP award unanimously, it’s hard to go against Ben Roethlisberger for the top spot as far as quarterbacks in this division. Lamar has struggled so far in the playoffs and Ben is one of the best in January and has won two Super Bowls. Jackson vs. Roethlisberger is going to be fun to watch next season as they look to meet for the first time. Coming off a disaster of a season, Baker Mayfield takes third as he now gets his fourth head coach in three years. Andy Dalton looks to be out in Cincinnati with Joe Burrow possibly on his way to the Bengals, but as of now Dalton is still on the Bengals roster, and reportedly the New England Patriots have no interest in Dalton. 

AFC East

  1. Sam Darnold
  2. Josh Allen
  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  4. Jarret Stidham

  The Tom Brady era is officially over in the AFC East after twenty years as Brady shocked everybody and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now, we get to find out which quarterback will take over as King of the AFC East and right now, I think Sam Darnold is the top quarterback in the division. Darnold’s had his bad moments for sure but considering the talent around him and the mess of an offensive line, Darnold has been good and has worked well with what he’s got. If the Jets have indeed fixed the offensive line, then Darnold will take more steps forward in year three. Allen improved a lot in year two and helped lead the Bills to the playoffs. Allen still struggles with accuracy issues, but Buffalo acquiring Stefon Diggs adds another playmaker for Allen who already has Cole Beasley and John Brown. Fitzpatrick adds veteran experience and played relatively well for Miami last season and will be a good placeholder for whomever the Dolphins select at quarterback come the draft. As for the Patriots, they have veteran options like Dalton, Joe Flacco and Cam Newton if they want to sign one for a season or two, or maybe they make a move in the draft to get their new franchise quarterback, but Bill Belichick looks to be high on the young Jarrett Stidham. Stidham was a fourth round pick out of Auburn and played decently in the 2019 preseason. Stidham, if he is the starter week 1, has a tall task succeeding Brady, especially considering how Brady and the Patriots went their separate ways.

AFC South

  1. Deshaun Watson
  2. Philip Rivers
  3. Ryan Tannehill
  4. Gardner Minshew

In the AFC South, Watson is the quintessential top quarterback in the division and one of the best in the league. However, the Houston Texans and Bill O’Brien did their star quarterback no favors by trading star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for running back David Johnson and a second-round pick. Nevertheless, Watson is still one of the best, but losing Hopkins is a big blow. After Watson, it was tough to decide between Rivers and Tannehill. Rivers is starting up fresh in Indianapolis and I think is a future Hall of Famer, but Rivers is coming off the worst season of his career and throwing 20 interceptions, third most in the NFL last season. Tannehill had his moments in Miami but ended up flaming out and had trouble with injuries. He was signed by Tennessee as not only the backup for Marcus Mariota, but as insurance just in case Mariota continued to struggle. Mariota did struggle, and when Tannehill took over, he had a tremendous second half of the season and helped the Titans out to two playoff road upsets over the Patriots and Ravens and a trip to the AFC Championship. Tannehill was given a big contract from the Titans and is now being given a second chance as a potential franchise quarterback. In the end, I gave Rivers the edge because we have to see how Tannehill responds as a full-time starting quarterback again and Rivers will look to bounce back after a rough final year with the Chargers. As for the Jaguars, they’re looking to roll with Minshew for now and it’ll be interesting to see if Jacksonville decides to draft a quarterback. For now, though, Gardner Minshew is the guy going forward for the Jaguars after Nick Foles didn’t work out and they traded him to the Chicago Bears for a fourth-round pick.