“Does Over Paying Free Agents in Baseball Win you Titles”

Over the last two decades baseball teams have paid a ridiculous amount of money for free agent players. The MLB has tried for years to keep teams under the luxury tax, to make sure the big market teams pay if they go over it. In 2016 their were a record breaking 6 teams issued the luxury tax by the MLB and still franchises have not back down on paying the big free agent. Over the years teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Angels have paid a massive amount of money for free agents. So my question to you is does over paying free agents win you championships? Lets check out some free agent moves in the last 10 years that has worked. Max Scherzer got a 210 million dollar contract from the Nationals in 2015, since then he has tossed two no hitters, won quite of few Cy Youngs and this year help win the Nationals their first championship. CC Sabathia took a 161 million dollar contract from the New York Yankees in 2009 and help the yankees win there first championship in 9 years. My thought on baseball contracts is, that agents like Scott Boras have tried in the last 2 decades to play the big market teams against one another. I believe the agents are one of the main causes of these problems in baseball and has hurt smaller market teams in the MLB.

The last two offseason you would of thought that general managers had a little more understanding, on over paying top free agents. Last year Bryce Harper excepted a 13 year 330 million dollar contract from the Phillies in free agency, he had 35 homers and 114 runs batted in. Giving one player a contract like that effects your luxury tax going forward for the next 10 years. Harpers contract could hurt the Phillies moving forward but was he the missing piece to win a title? The answer is probably no, Harper has 5 homers and only 10 runs batted in 19 playoff games with the Nationals. While quite a few pieces beside Bryce was added to the Phillies last season, the team finished with a 81 win season and didn’t even sniff the playoffs. Manny Machado accepted the 10 year 300 million dollar contracted from the Padres last offseason. The Padres now will be put in the same position as the Phillies with Bryce for the next 10 years and it could hurt them with the leagues luxury tax going forward. Machado last year help the Padres win four more games than the 2018 Padres and again they finished in last place in their division.

The Yankees this year won 103 games with over 33 injuries which was the most in baseball history in a 162 game season. They were 2 games away from going to the World Series and lost because of timely hitting. The Yankees decided this offseason, after being under the luxury tax for almost 2 years and opened their pockets for a ace. I would say this for yankee fans be careful what you wish for. This is the same kid the yankees drafted in 2008 that decided to go play college ball and walk away from his professional contract with the yankees. I don’t know but paying a pitcher historic contract which was a 9 year 324 million dollar contract, does not guarantee anything as far as championships are concerned. Since the Yankees are breaking records in so many categories they historically have not won a championship in now 10 years. So I ask you reading, does adding a 300 million dollar pitcher to your now loaded pitching staff worth paying that contract? Only time will tell but I do know one thing time is not on their side with the luxury tax thats for sure.

“Mello Hopes He Is Rafter Worthy At MSG”

Well Carmello Anthony didn’t take long on stating his thoughts and opinions on his number being honored at MSG. Mello played seven years with the Knicks, averaging about 24 points a game in his stint at MSG. He had more downs then ups in his time playing with the Knicks. So it wasn’t surprising recently, that Mello came out and said that he hope’s the organization will honor him when he retires at MSG. Lets look back at his career with the Knicks, he played seven years and made the playoffs three times. He earned two contracts with the Knicks, which he gross close to 200 million dollars. In the years with the Knicks he ran out of town more than mulitple coaches and players and didn’t get out of the first round of the playoffs more than one time. It didn’t matter what coach or what players he was playing with, he was a selfish and all about himself type of player. Mello when he was in New York was more about his brand than the team and sometimes showed that on the court with his lackadaisical play.

Maybe every time he made a three point shot he was telling the fans that he help the Knicks make the playoffs just three times. Whatever he was trying to say at that point and what he is trying to say now has no merit to the Knick fan. Here is what we do know, their are only 9 Knicks numbers hanging from the rafters at MSG and they’re all legends. The last Knick honored at MSG was the great Patrick Ewing and Mello has not earned the right to be the next knick to be honor at the world’s most famous arena. In conclusion Mello is a hall of famer and is one of the greatest offensive players in this era, with his lack of playoff runs with the Knicks and with his defensive woes. Anthony thoughts of being remembered as one of the greats at MSG will be forgotten as will the number 7 he wore because they never won.

“Caldwell To The Rescue”

“Caldwell To The Rescue”

The New York Giants are not only one of the worst team in football, they’re the laughing stock of the NFL. This one time great organization that had the likes of coaches like Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin, have lost their way on leadership. The last past 3 seasons the Giants have won 10 games, with coaches like Ben McAdoo and the late great Pat Shurmur has taught one and only one thing New York fans have learned and that is to lose. After Sunday’s lose again the Packers, Giants fans wonder where this organization is heading. Pat Shurmur has already started to pack his bags because the ship has finally sank at MetLife stadium. As New York sports has fallen apart in the last 10 years, no one would have ever thought that this organization would have transform themselves into the Jets. The Giants need to find a savior and I don’t think a big name coach like Mike McCarthy is coming through the door anytime soon. As the season move on you will start hearing names like Mike Rhule or Josh McDaniels which are not names you want to hear after this debacle of a season. But I feel one name and only one name the Giants should look to hire this offseason, that name is Jim Caldwell.

Caldwell has won every where he has been as a offensive Coordinator and Coached and has won two Super Bowl rings. As you sit back and realize the garbage the Giants have produced over the years with the Jerry Reese and Now Dave Gettleman’s Regime, we are no longer talking about the four Super Bowls they have won. Its time we understand the Giants need a coach that is not just offensive minded, but they need a coach that knows how to develop young quarterbacks. Jim Caldwell has develop young quarterbacks of likes of Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco and Mathew Stafford. What I’m trying to say is their is no one more qualified and suitable for this job like Caldwell. He has always been honest and open to the press and he has never back down from a challenge. Caldwell was fired in 2017 by the Lions with a 9-7 record and since 17′ they haven’t had a winning season. With a young quarterback like Daniel Jones moving in the right direction, you need a experienced coach to help develop him. I know Giants fan don’t see him as the hot name on the board, but either was Tom Coughlin when he came from Jacksonville and he brought the giants not one but two championships. In my eyes Jim Caldwell is not only the perfect coach for this job, I believe he is the type of guy that can bring the Giants number 5.

“Rumors That Tom Thibodeau Will Be Knicks New Coach”

In the last four weeks their has been a lot of turbulence coming out of the Knicks front office about, if David Fizdale is the coach to lead this team going forward. Just a few years ago while the Knicks were interviewing for the next coach to lead Phil Jackson Triangle offense crap, Steve Mills had a voice of opinion that Tom Thibodeau was the guy. Jackson didn’t think that Thibs was the guy to run his offense and his young superstar Porzingis and Jackson decided to Hire coach Jeff Hornacek. Since then Hornacek barely lasted 2 years as the Knicks coach and Phil Jackson is now enjoying his millions as he put the Knicks in purgatory.

This past year Porzingis broke his silence on the Knicks debacle, blaming the poor leadership of Hornacek and Jackson the reasons why he wanted out from the organization. Since then GM Scott Perry and Steve Mills have been running the show and two weeks ago at a press conference both Perry and Mills were stating their displeasure of where the team is going. My inside thought is this doesn’t bold well for Fitz and it is believed that the Knicks will be looking for a new coach at the seasons end. Thibodeau this season is freelancing as a broadcaster and taking the time off, after that three year stint with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

His few years with the Wolves was not a great one thats for sure, with bad decision making adding Jimmy Butler and trading away assets that could set the wolves back for many years. It is believed that Thibodeau will be Steve Mills number one target in the offseason as he was Mills top choice when Jackson and him were interviewing a few years ago. Thibs dream job was and always will be the Knicks as he grew as a coach on Jeff Van Gundy’s staff with the Knicks in the 90s.

“Why Golden Boy Promotions Is Ruining Boxing”

Oscar De La Hoya for years dominated boxing with his good looks and charm, while winning championships in six different weight classes. As a fighter he was known for his Mexican style fighting and won a gold medal in the olympics for the United States and became one of the most beloved fighters in his era. But nothing would change what he has done to boxing since he has retired in 2008. After he retired Oscar really wanted to push his company Golden Boy Promotions, signing one of the biggest upcoming fighters in boxing Canelo Alvarez. Since the time he sign Canelo he has help pick and choose the fights for him, that has protected Alvarez from falling off the best pound for pound list in the last 5 years. Since that time Canelo has fought the likes of James Kirkland, Rocky Fielding, Liam Smith, Amir Khan and a washed up Miguel Cotto.

Oscar has been feeding garbage fighter after garbage fighter to Alvarez to protect his record so he could get him his big pay day. Over the last 3 years Oscar has not only made Canelo the richest man in boxing, he also has robbed boxing the chance to see some of the greatest fights boxing has ever seen. On September 2017 the fans finally got the fight they always wanted to see GGG vs Alvarez in Vegas in front of a sold T-mobile arena. The fight was everything we expected, GGG dominated the last 6 rounds of the fight and look like he was going to dethrone Alvarez as the prince of boxing. As the card was about to be read everyone and there mother thought GGG was the winner of the fight, but with a shock to the boxing world the fight scores came out to a draw. As everyone in the boxing world realized GGG was robbed, stories were coming out that the boxing commission was suspending Adalaide Byrd for her controversial card score for the fight. We as boxing fans know that boxing has been crooked since the beginning of time and many believe Del La Hoya was behind it. A few weeks after the fight a story came out that Alvarez was tested for steroids and again Oscar found a way to keep him from being suspended for a significant amount of time. The build up for GGG vs Alvarez 2 was huge, and became one of the biggest box office Draws in boxing history. The boxing world was not surprised that the fight had a similar outcome in the end of fight two. This time there was no draw they decided to rip GGG heart out one last time by giving the win on two of the three cards to Alvarez.

Del La Hoya not only has hurt boxing but has made boxing a mockery, by picking and choosing garbage fights for Canelo he has taken away the reason we watch prize fighting. I believe we will never see a GGG vs Alvarez 3 because Del La Hoya is too chicken to watch his Golden Boy get knock off a third time in 3 years. I believe that until boxing get rid of promoters like Oscar Del La Hoya, it will never get back to the times when boxing was on top of the fighting world.