Chalk Blocked


11:00PM – 12:00AM EST


A boy chasing a football in the backyard with his dad. A teenager chasing the ball on the high school gridiron. A 20 something chasing a football at the Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl. A 30 something chasing fantasy football championships. A 40 something chasing the dream of becoming a fantasy football analyst chasing the DFS Milly Maker.

Bo McBrayer

During the day, Bo enjoys his peace and quiet as a hearing care provider in his sound-controlled office. At night, he casts a formidable shadow over his bubbling cauldron of hot sauce and cooks for the drooling masses on #foodporn Instragram. In his free time, Bo likes to utilize his attention to detail and trusty gut to help folks win at DFS. He is survived by his hot taeks, spicy wit, and desperate mission to be followed on Twitter by Matthew Berry.