AEW & WWE cross over Show in the works?

by Alex Slowes | Jul 7, 2022 | General | 0 comments

Recently there has been news going around that Tony khan, the owner of AEW would like to work with WWE for a cross promotion event. According to Forbes, Tony Khan is open to the possibility of working with WWE & Vince McMahon for an AEW/WWE super show.

As a wrestling podcast host & commentator I think this is a good idea because it would help both companies benefit from a super show but it has to be done right & with the right amount of booking. Imagine the endless possibilities from this if it ends up happening. It could be a major PPV town such as Washington DC, Vegas, New York, Orlando or Texas with AEW & WWE fans coming together for one event which would be amazing but the only issue I see here is the tv rating for an AEW/WWE super show. AEW is TV-14, WWE is PG so in order for a show like this to work Vince McMahon & Tony khan would have to discuss a deal between the two promotions tv ratings & the networks.

As for the talent you would have to lift some push back within the WWE for a character such as Austin Theory or Alexa Bliss to allow the characters to shine in matches against talent on the AEW roster because the two promotions have different rules & roster regulations and the talent would have to adjust quickly within the time frame before the scheduled PPV event. Do I think it may happen? Possibly but Both AEW & WWE have to want it or it’s out the window. I could maybe see it in the works but only time will tell for certain.

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