1 Month ($800) – 4 commercials played a day and 1 read off a day on a none primetime show.

3 Months ($3000) – 6 commercials played 2 readoffs a day 1 read off on a primetime show.

6 Months ($5000) -8 commercials played a day 2 read offs both can be read on a prime time show and once a week your logo can be promoted on our live video stream on one show for free. This plan you get the 6 month free.

Professional commercial is free if you go with the 6-month plan.

Logo and website will be promoted on our homepage for 6-month plan absolutely free.

With the 6 month plan, we will come to your facility and host 3 times out of the 6 months a 2-hour game show for free.

Professional commercials are 150 dollars to make if you don’t get the 6-month plan.

To come host a 2-hour game show in your facility it is 300 a show.

Your Logo can be promoted in one of the boxes on the live video stream for 75 dollars a show a day.