“A Giant Bust”

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Well the Giant’s are in the news today and its not because they won the lottery thats’s for sure. In the last two weeks since they fired Pat Shurmur the Giant’s decided to retain the likes of the incompetent Dave Gettleman. In that time the organization has been searching for the next coach of the New York football Giants. The Giants since the great Tom Coughlin have held a 23 and 41 record, which is one of the worst in the NFL in the last 4 years. The Giants have had more then a few mishaps in the past few years, if it wasn’t Odell Beckham causing trouble on and off the field it was Josh Brown and his domestic violence situation with his wife. The Giants organization has become the laughing stock of the NFL, taking the circus out of the Jets handbook. The Giants over the last week have interview the likes of Mike McCarthy who was the best available coach this offseason and what he do, well he sign with their arch rival the Dallas Cowboys.

The Giants believed all along that Matt Rhule was the guy for their vacant coaching position. Rhule who is a New York native was on the 2012 Giants staff with Tom Coughlin. His New York pet agree was one main reason why Gettleman thought he was a shoe in for the head coaching job. Today they found out the hard way, Rhule decided to sign with the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers made sure Rhule was signed and delivered when they flew to his home to meet with him and his family. The Giants never got the chance to interview Rhule before he signed with the Carolina, which is a colossal failure for Gettleman and the Giants organization.

So what do the Giants do after striking out twice, well they hire the next best guy New England Patriots wide receiver coach Joe Judge. Most people are probably wondering who the hell is Joe Judge, well your guess is as good as mine. What we do know about him is, that he has been apart of Bill Belichick coaching staff for 8 years. He has won three Super Bowl championships in his tenure with New England and has been praised by Julian Edelman for his growth as a player. Joe Judge will not be Judged quite yet, but he will be Judged on the growth of the Giants young quarterback Danny Dimes. Giants fans might see this hire as a epic failure but only time will tell on his success as the new Giants head man.

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