A Forgotten Man: Mitchell Trubisky

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“With the 2nd pick in the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select Mitchell Trubisky, the quarterback from North Carolina.” Those were the words that Trubisky and the Bears fans heard and thought they had got their franchise QB. However, now in 2021, the first-rounder is an outcast at Chicago, now enrolled at the Buffalo Bills as Josh Allen’s understudy.

Remember, the Bears gave up a heap of draft stock to get Trubisky, including a late 3rd round pick to the Saints by the name of Alvin Kamara. Also, when trading up they took Mitchell over a few QBs such as Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, and undrafted Taysom Hill, all of who have excelled in the league with the former already a Super Bowl champion.

Seeing that it didn’t work out for him at Chicago, how was his time there? The 2018 pro-bowler made 50 starts, producing 64 touchdowns and 37 interceptions. The 26-year-old threw for over ten thousand (10,609) yards at a completion rate of sixty-four percent (64%).

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How does this stock-up to other active QBs in that period since he was drafted up until last season? He ranks 25th in yards per game, 12th in most interceptions, and 19th in passing yards. This even ranks him behind “Mr. 30 for 30” Jameis Winston and Ryan Tannehill, of which the latter has played twelve games less. Eli Manning has more yards per attempt than Mitchell who has played 16 GAMES MORE.

Now the Bears will try again for that franchise QB, with drafting Ohio State QB Justin Fields in this year’s NFL Draft. Looking at the roster and seeing Fields, Foles and Dalton, there was never going to be room for the North Carolina native. Mitchell Trubisky; A forgotten man.

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