“This Is My Swag Event”

On September 19th Kershel Anthony, Put on a event for the ages from high flying gogo dancers to fantastic art and much more. Kershel’s artistic values was just one thing he brought to this event, but his main thought that music and dance can bring people together. Kershel’s passion for the last 20 years has been bringing children together, by teaching them dance to give them a healthy life. His love for children and dance help him discover his path in his career as he created the birth of Kerboomkidz. His program has helped kids from all ages throughout the world, while his love for children has been his driven force on continuing to help schools.

Kershel invited “Man of the Year” winner twenty two year old make a wish spokesman Nick Singh, who’s speech brought people to understand that doing a good deed is not for awards. He introduce a young man named Tyler, who had 47 brain surgeries in last few years. Nick also courageous for what he has been though in his past, explain that his hard work and passion has led him here today. Nick Singh is a extraordinary young man who is wise beyond his twenty two years.

Kershel’s Swag event was a huge hit with almost 150 of his closest friends, that came to support his cause. His hard work and dedication to helping kids and schools health programs, is not only commendable but inspiring. His love for art and culture has brought many unique artistic people together. Whatever Kershel plans to do in the near future im positive his passion for it will sore like a shooting star in the sky.